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Udvari, Istvan

Udvari, Istvan (b. July 14, 1950, Tornyospalca, Hungary) — Hungarian Slavist and professor. Udvari completed his studies at Lajos Kossuth University in Debrecen, Hungary (1971-1975; Ph.D., 1986). He was promoted to the rank of professor (1995) and to membership in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1997). Since 1982 he has taught the Russian, Ukrainian, and Rusyn languages at the Bessenyei School of Higher Education in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary, where he became founding director (1993-present) of the Department of Ukrainian and Rusyn Philology/Katedra ukrains’koi i rusyns’koi filologii.

Udvari is concerned with uncovering and analyzing Rusyn texts, primarily pre-nineteenth century, held in Hungarian archives. Among his archival works are: Ruszin (karpatukran) hivatalos irasbeliseg a XVIII. szazadi Magyarorszagon (1995) and Rusyns’ki zherela urbars’koi reformy Marii Teryzii (1999). He has also prepared several volumes of previously unpublished manuscripts by the Rusyn-born historian Antal *Hodinka; reproductions of Manuil *Ol’shavs’kyi’s 1746 primer (1999) and Ioann *Kutka’s 1799 primer (1998) and 1801 catechism (1997); statistical data from 1806 prepared for the *Greek Catholic Eparchy of Mukachevo (1990); and analyses of Rusyn-Slovak socioeconomic and linguistic relations in *Spish and *Zemplyn counties during the eighteenth century: A Maria Terezia-fele urberrendes szlovak nyelvu dokumentai (1991) and A Maria Terezia korabeli urberrendezes szlovak nyelvu keziratos forrasai (1996).

Udvari has also written about the language and literature of the Vojvodinian Rusyns. This and other Rusyn-related topics are treated in a collection of his essays: Tallozasok ukran, ruszin es szlovak konyvek koreben (1995). Like other Slavists in Hungary, Udvari initially considered Rusyns within the framework of Ukrainian culture, but since the 1990s he has treated them as a distinct nationality.

Bibliography: Ilona Vraukone Lukacs, Szlavisztikai bibliografia Udvari Istvan munkassaga alapjan, 1974-1995 (Nyiregyhaza, 1995); Laszlone Bajnok, Slavisztikai bibliografia Udvari Istvan munkassaga alapjan, Vol. II: 1995-2000 (Nyiregyhaza, 2000).

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