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Makovytsia — territory in the center of the Rusyn-inhabited Presov Region encompassing the northern portion of historic *Sharysh/Saros county, the present Bardejov and Svidnik districts (okresy) in Slovakia. The region derives its name from a manorial estate (*dominium) founded in the 1340s and administered from a castle at Makovytsia (castrum Makavycha) above the village of Zborov north of Bardejov and later at Vel’ky Saris just west of Presov. By the outset of the fifteenth century the estate included 67 villages, the vast majority inhabited by Rusyns. During the seventeenth century the Makovytsia estate was owned by the Roman Catholic branch of the Rakoczy family, but in the 1680s they lost the estate and the castle was destroyed during the anti-Habsburg rebellion of Imre *Thokoly. During the nineteenth-century Rusyn national revival the “nightingale of Makovytsia,” Aleksander *Pavlovych, used the region and its inhabitants as the setting for his literary images in several poems. The term Makovytsia is also used by linguists to refer to a sub-group of Rusyn dialects spoken north and east of Bardejov and Svidnik (see Map 12). Finally, Makovytsia is the name given to a volcanic massif just east of Uzhhorod in *Subcarpathian Rus’ (see Map 4).

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Paul Robert Magocsi

Entry courtesy of Encyclopedia of Rusyn History and Culture.

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