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Makara, Mykola

Makara, Mykola (b. December 18, 1934, Dubrynychi [Czechoslovakia], Ukraine) — historian, professor, and civic and cultural activist in Subcarpathian Rus’. After completing the historical faculty (1962) and graduate studies (1965; kandidat nauk, 1969) at Uzhhorod State University Makara taught history at that institution (1965-1997; docent/associate professor, 1970). Although for many years a Marxist and “official” Ukrainian-oriented scholar, in the post-Communist era he gradually became a supporter of the Rusyn movement. He served as director (1994-1999) of the Institute for Carpathian Studies at Uzhhorod State University and as founding chairman (1997- ) of the Rusyn Scholarly and Enlightenment Society/Rusyns’ke naukovo-osvitn’oho tovarystva. He has published articles in Ukrainian journals on the post-1989 Rusyn national revival throughout Europe; several of these were co-authored with the sociologist Ivan Myhovych and republished in a volume entitled Slovo za rusyniv (1999). Makara’s own scholarly interests include the problem of Subcarpathia’s “re-unification” with the Soviet Union (Zakarpats’ka Ukraina: shliakh do vozz”iednannia, dosvid rozvytku: zhovten 1944—sichen’ 1946 rr., 1995); relations with Rusyns in northeastern Slovakia (Karpatamy poridneni, 1997); and the various peoples other than Rusyns in *Subcarpathian Rus’ (*Germans, *Jews, *Romanians), about whom he has published general surveys. Makara accepts as historically justified Subcarpathia’s annexation as part of Ukraine, but he argues that Rusyns are a distinct nationality worthy of recognition as such within all countries where they live.

Bibliography: Makara Mykola Petrovych: bibliohrafichnyi pokazhchyk, 1959-1999 rr. (Uzhhorod, 1999).

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