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Nataliia Kaniukh / Наталия Канюх

Nataliia Kaniukh (b. 1950) studied Yugoslav literature at the University of Novi Sad. She entered Rusyn literature as editor of the literary supplement to the newspaper Ruske slovo. In addition to poetry, she has written essays, literary criticism, and drama for children, as well as scripts for radio and television. She currently works as a translator. In 1985 and 2005, she was awarded the literary prize by the journal Shvetlosts. She has published two books of poetry in Rusyn: Virivok (Excerpt 1987) and Dom mur brudna rika most (House Wall Dirty River Bridge 2006.) The latter is a poetic diary in which the writer reflects on her experiences of the NATO bombardment of Novi Sad during the Kosovo War in the spring of 1999.

From Дом мур брудна рика мост:

Returning to an empty house, inside…

The night passed peacefully. Morning is ready for rain.
Today is Thursday, Holy Thursday, for the third week I do not go to work…
Just as most others.

The air is still, it would be perfectly motionless if only the birds did not fly
from branches to telephone lines, or anywhere they want!
Good for them, they can go anywhere!

And I can only return to an empty house, inside.
But the house may not be empty, a dream remained in it.

I would like it if some dreams continued in this house.
At noon, afternoon, evening, night…

When an airplane does not appear over the town.

In this dream the town will not be destroyed, bridges over the river will be intact.

And I will be intact.

And all of us will be undisturbed, looking at the clouds only for spring rain.
Nothing else.

In this dream we will all live without fear.

Only in this dream and nowhere else on this earth.

Врациц ше до празней хижи, нука ...

Ноц прешла мирно. Рано ше прихтало за диждж.
Штварток нєшка, Вельки штварток, треци тидзень як нє идзем робиц...
Як и векшина других.

Воздух мирни, бул би аж совершено нєрухоми лєм кед би птички нє лєцели
зоз конарох на телефонски дроти, або вшадзи дзе ше им лєм сце!
Добре им, можу кадзи сцу!

А я ше можем лєм врациц до празней хижи, нука.
Алє хижа можебуц анi не празна, остал у нєй сон.

Любела бим кед би ше дзепоєдни сни предлужели у тей хижи.
На поладнє, пополадню, звечара, вноци...

Теди кед ше нє зяви авион над городом.

У тим сну город не будзе знiщени, мости над рику буду цали.

И я будзем цала.

И шицки будземе змирени, запатерни до хмарох лєм пре ярнi диждж.
Нiч инше.

У тим сну шицки будземе жиц без страху.

Лєм у тим сну и нiґдзе вецей на тей жеми.

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