World Academy of Carpatho-Rusyn Culture


Khoma, Vasyl’

Vasyl’ Khoma studied Russian language and literature at Comenius University in Bratislava and at Leningrad University. He was awarded the degree of kandidat nauk from Charles University in Prague in 1965. In addition to teaching Russian literature in Presov and Bratislava, Khoma held various posts in the government of Czechoslovakia. He served as inspector in the Slovak Ministry of Education, as vice-minister of culture for the federal government in Prague, and as an official in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1973-1985), during which time he was appointed vice-ambassador at the Czechoslovak embassy in Belgium and head of that country’s mission to Zaire. Khoma has published widely on Soviet Russian literature of the twentieth century, as well as on the Ukrainian-language literature of the Presov Region. In his monograph Rozvytok rusyns’koi poezii v Slovachchyni vid 20-kh do 90-kh rokiv XX stolittia (2000), Khoma takes an inclusive approach, analyzing the work of writers from all linguistic orientations. His book is the first to recuperate and reevaluate the Rusyn literary heritage based on the writer’s “Rusyn spirit,” rather than language or political ideology.

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