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Kubek, Emilij A.

Kubek, Emilij A. (b. November 23, 1857, Stefurov [Hungarian Kingdom], Slovakia; d. July 17, 1940, Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania, USA) — priest, lexicographer, and writer of Rusyn national orientation among Rusyns in the United States. Kubek was a Greek Catholic priest (ordained 1881) in the *Eparchy of Presov. After serving for nearly two decades in the Presov Region village of Snakov (1885-1904) he emigrated to the United States, serving from 1904 until his death in the Greek Catholic parish in Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania.

Before leaving Europe he completed his most important linguistic work, a comparative dictionary, Staroslavianskii-uhorskii-russkii-nimetskii slovar’ k sviashchenomu pysaniiu (1906). He was to become the most prolific Rusyn-language writer in the United States, publishing a wide range of lyrical poems and short stories, most of which were dominated by themes of longing for the Rusyn homeland that he left behind forever. He is the author of the only Rusyn-language novel ever published in the United States, the three-volume Marko Soltys: roman iz zit’ja Podkarpatskoj Rusi, published in his native Rusyn language from the Presov Region (using the Roman alphabet) as part of a four-volume collection of his writings, Narodny povisti i stichi (1922-23).

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Paul Robert Magocsi

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