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Osyf Kudzei /

Osyf Kudzei (1952- ) matured as a writer over many years. In 1997 he began writing poetry and prose for the religious monthly Blahovistnyk and since 2005 he has written for the Greek Catholic quarterly Artos. For many years, he has collaborated on the translation of Church Slavonic ecclesiastical texts into Rusyn. He also devoted 15 years to an amateur theater group, where he performed in comedies. In 2008 he published his first secular books two collections of fables (The Wisdom of Life) and - (Fun Fables), followed in 2009 by (Fable Thoughts).

The fable form captures Kudzeis talent as comedian and moralist. Inspired by popular humor and folk wisdom, he delivers his moral lesson in a simple style that is comprehensible to all, with rhyme and rhythm that defies translation. His roosters, lions, owls, and cats expound lessons on justice, loyalty, foolishness, envy, and alcoholism. In addition to such universal themes, the author deals with topics from the modern world ecology, bureaucracy, and elections and he deals with topical and local issues, such as drugs, the Roma, and Rusyn identity. A strong Rusyn accent is coded in every line and every nuance in his fables.


After three years of hard work
Donkey returns
and asks piglet Sashka
Whats new at home?

To this question Piglet
answered sweetly:
Nothing has changed at home,
all is as it was.

Dont you dare tell
such a blunder!
When I went away to work,
my wife was pregnant

Thats right, she was
in that condition,
the Boar concurred
and now she is again.

The moral of the donkeys story
is clear to everyone:
Its not always good to find things
just the way you left them.


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nce a bird from balmy lands
boasted to Parrot,
that he could show him how
to speak the human tongue.

Parrot was awfully glad,
and joyfully decided
to teach this language
to his own children.

They, if truth be told,
studied with spirit,
and when a year had passed
the whole family knew the tongue.

Their relatives and friends
were ashamed to fall behind,
and so soon the entire race
spoke human language.

Some, my friends,
consider them heroes,
though none of the heroes
knows a word of his own speech.

They abandoned their own
to become famous,
and though they live in paradise,
they are no longer Parrots.

Lets pour ourselves some pure wine:
We are the parrots we, Rusyns,
and the grotesque I describe for you
can be seen right here in Slovakia.

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i i.


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A little boy cried in a park,
ignored by all,
until a kind lady
spoke to the crying boy.

Tell me, my boy, why you are sobbing?
Auntie, I lost my puppy.
Maybe the rascal ran home,
Come, Ill take you, do you know where you live?

Here the boy began to cry again:
I dont, but my puppy knew.

Until they are tested, many people
do not appreciate friends,
often taking them for granted,
but go completely astray without them.

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