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Ivan Medieshi, Nataliia Ribovich and Slavko Vinai

Triologiia is a collection of the work of three young poets from Serbia -- Vinai and Ribovich are thirty years old, Medieshi is twenty-four. Published by the Novi Sad youth journal MAK and distributed with the March/April 2006 issue, Triologiia is unusual both visually and linguistically, in form and content. Characterized by the authors as "alternative" or "underground" literature, the collection expresses the thoughts of young Rusyns on contemporary themes in a creative use of the Rusyn language.

Reflecting diverse approaches in terms of style, tone, and topic, each distinct section of poems stands as a distinct whole. Taken as a trilogy, they are united by the ideal of individual and creative freedom. Pedik by Slavko Vinai is composed of twenty-four short poems, in which he asks eternal questions about freedom, existence, and the search for meaning. Ribovich's Bez na slov attracts the attention of the reader with its idiosyncratic language and its visual dimension. Its graphic style resembling urban graffiti underscores the sense of simultaneity in the poet's message, and the mixture of alphabets and languages, while rendering translation difficult, indicates her global, egalitarian worldview. Medieshi's poems, entitled Ked chlovek spadne klavirovi na hlavu, vets..., is composed of fifteen poems, in which the young poet questions the conventions of everyday life, the absurdity of interpersonal relations, and his own search for identity. The pessimism of his world-view is tempered by humor, satire, and what has been called "a Monty Python style."

The collection as a whole champions poetic freedom and witnesses to the persistence of Rusyn-language literature. Not every poem is successful, but the book is a bold attempt that will surely inspire other young Rusyns of all countries. As Ivan Medieshi noted, while he may be different, he is not antagonistic to traditional Rusyn literature. "On the contrary, I want to demonstrate, especially to youth, that Rusyn literature can be what I write, what you don't learn in school. And after the older generation of Rusyn writers, perhaps there will not be a deluge."

Slavko Vinai

Увод до...

Слово, лєбо два, о тим швеце ширим
и самому себе...
гоч дзе ше найдзем
гоч яки
гоч кеди:
кед нє мам папер и пенкало, дацо за читанє, убива ме допитосц и
монотония каждодньовоцси, звичайносц лщдскей бридкосци, глупосци, и
общеприлаплiвосц шицкого того векшини подобом хтори крачаю, живкаю,
дебилно ше шмею, або лярмаю на цали глає?

Introduction to...

A word or two about this whole word
and about myself...
wherever I may find myself
if I don't have a paper or pencil or something to read, boredom tortures me and
the monotony of daily life, the ordinariness of human ugliness, stupidity, and
the general acceptability of all this great freedom, which they step on, yawn at
laugh at idiotically or scream at the top of their lungs.


Штредком новембра
у Новим Садзе
ул сом елеватор
и два баби
вивязани у хосточкох
як жубротаю
и чисца дiсце.

Знам, же то
нє наисце и же нєт
кукурици, приколици
трактор, анi елеватор.

Баби вироятнє єст,
алє нє жубротаю
и нє чисца лiсце.
Найвироятнєйше шпя,
штудираю о пензиi
и унукох,
або покрадзме
шпиртаю п контейнерох.

Жима, жима, жима

Нє зробел сом нiч.
Чувствовал сом жиму
пил кафу
цигаи ше палєли и гашели
сами од себе.
Чувствовал сом жиму
и чекал
цо шлiдуюце?


In the middle of November
in Novi Sad
I heard a grain elevator
and two babas
tied up in their babushkas
talking quietly
and husking corn.

I know that this
isn't for real and that there are no
chickens, wagons,
tractors, or even a grain elevator

The babas probably do exist,
but they aren't talking quietly
and they aren't husking corn.
Most probably they are sleeping,
discussing their pensions
and grandchildren,
or stealthily
digging through the trash.

Cold, cold, cold

I didn't do anything.
I felt cold
drank coffee
as usual,
cigarettes lit up and burned out
all by themselves.
I felt cold
and waited for
what's next?

Nataliia Ribovich

Slovnik Pridze

Ich suche
Nach der ruhe,
Die zeit lauft
Die schuhe.

hljedam mir
a cas prihodzi
a mojo cipel znjim

Наслов: шедзим у углу

sedzim u uhlu
z ljivoho i pravoho boku
nahodze se oblaki
obidva popatrunki z boku belavi

i vidzim morjo
z ljivoho i pravoho boku
sezim u uhlu

The Dictionary Comes

Iche suche
Nach der ruhe,
Die zeit lauft
Die schuhe

I watch the world
and time goes by
and my shoes with it

Наслов: шедзим у углу

I am sitting in the corner
to the left and right
are clouds
both look white from the side

and i see the sea
to the left and right
I am sitting in the corner

Ivan Medieshi

Чарни предсидатель

Постоi єден ресторан яки нет нiгдзе на швеце.
Тот ресторан ма найлєпшу кухню на швеце.
Шицки ходза там.
Жени ше фурт поносую же им мужове и дзеци,
есц дома не сцу.
Шицки ходза там.
Бешедовало ше же дроги кладу до єдзеньох
и же зато шицки ходза там,
алє нє.
утвердзене же єдла "чисти".

Так же дефинитивно
To найлєпши ресторан на швеце
з найлепшу кужню на швеце
и зато шицки ходза там.
А я вше там ходзел,
а частейше и частейше,
а вецей и вецей,
а уж сом там был вецей як дома,
а понеже шицки ходза там,
шицки были там вецей як дома...

И дзе то шицко водзело,
и дзе то и одведло до конца...

Не, ґазда ресторану,
нє оплячкал цали валал,
хаснуюци же людзе нє були по обисцох,
алє мнє там допило
и ришел сом направиц свой ресторан.
Свой ресторан зоз истима рецептами,
алє зоз одредзенима элєншанями
и то такой обок при тому.

И направел сом го, а вон два точки
лєпше випатрал од старого
и знука и звонка,
а кухня була иста як найлєпша нa швеце,
лєм мала одредзени злєпшаня.

Медзитим, понеже людзе,
ґенерално патраци, глупи,
вони предлужели ходзиц до старого ресторану.
Шицки ходзели там.
Нiхто нє сцел пойсц до другого ресторану,
бо кед знали же у старим, найлєпше на швеце,
нач рескирац.

А и на игранки кедсом ходзел,
пайташки вше мали мини сукнi,
лєм я бул у "сомотских"...
Родичи ми нє допущовали виходзиц у мини сукнi
и нiхто на мнє не патрел.
Патрели лєм моiм пайташком на ноги.
У мини сукньох...

Тераз сом дзвигнул руки од шицких тих глупосцох
и мам лєм єден циль у хивоце,
любел бим буц мац двоiх дзецох
и перша чарна жена
предсидатель у тей держави.
Так ми мойого билого...

Чарни предсидатель

There is a restaurant like nowhere else in the world.
This restaurant has the best cuisine in the world.
Everyone goes there.
Women are proud that their husbands and children
don't want to eat at home.
Everyone goes there.
People say they put drugs in the food
and that's why everyone goes there,
but no,
the food's been declared "clean".

So it's definite
this is the best restaurant in the world
with the best cuisine in the world
and so everyone goes there.
And I always went there too,
more and more often,
more and more,
I was there more than I was at home,
and since everyone goes there,
everyone was there more than at home...

And where did all this lead,
And where did it all end...

No, the owner of the restaurant
did not rob the entire village,
while people were not at home,
but I got drunk there
and decided to open my own restaurant.
My own restaurant with the same recipes,
but with specific improvements
and right next door.

And I opened it, and it was two points
better than the old one
inside and out,
and the cuisine was really the best in the world,
but with specific improvements.

Meanwhile, since people,
generally speaking, are stupid
they kept going to the old restaurant.
Everyone went there.
No one wanted to go to the other restaurant,
for they knew that in the old one, the best in the world,
there was no risk.

And when I went to dances,
my friends were always in mini-skirts,
only I was in "velvets"...
My parents didn't let me go out in mini-skirts
and no one looked at me.
They looked only at my friends' legs.
In mini-skirts...

Now I've thrown up my hands at all this stupidity
and I have only one goal in live,
I would like to be mother of two children
and the first black woman
president of this country.
I swear to God...

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