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Balogh, Klara

Balogh, Klara(b. Klara Kerechanyn, July 17, 1928, Uzhhorod [Czechoslovakia], Ukraine) — choreographer, ballet-master, and folklorist in Subcarpathian Rus’. Balogh studied dance from an early age and then attended the Teachers’ College in Uzhhorod, the Uzhhorod School of Musical Pedagogy (1947), and later the School of Choreography (1965) in Kiev. She also worked with Dezyderii *Zador, the composer from Transcarpathia, and in Kiev with Ukraine’s renowned choreographers Halyna Berezova and Pavlo Virs’kyi. Balogh’s career is intimately associated with the *Transcarpathian Folk Choir/State Song and Dance Ensemble, which she joined just after World War II and for which she has served as artistic director and ballet master (1959- ). For that ensemble she has created over 30 dances (Ukrainian, Russian, Hungarian, Slovak, and Czech as well as Rusyn) plus vocal and choreographical compositions (“Vas vitaie Verkhovyna,” “Zakarpats’ki ornamenty,” “Sviato na Vynohradnyku,” “Shovkova kosytsia”). She has also been a guest instructor at seminars on folk dance in Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, France, and Canada. Several of her dance creations are described in detail in her book Tantsi Zakarpattia (1998). Balogh holds the rank of Artist of Merit of the Soviet Ukraine (1957), and State Artist of Ukraine (1974). She has published a volume of literary memoirs, Moi rosy i zori (1988).

Bibliography: Ivan Khlanta, Pisnia nad Karpatamy: Derzhavnyi zasluzhenyi Zakarpats’kyi narodnyi khor (Uzhhorod, 1994), esp. pp. 44-54.

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