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Chervena Ruzha Cultural Festival

Chervena Ruzha Cultural Festival — Vojvodinian Rusyn cultural festival held annually in Ruski Kerestur, Yugoslavia. The Chervena Ruzha Cultural Festival of Rusyns and Ukrainians began in 1962 with a musical festival for young people organized by gymnasium students in Ruski Kerestur. To this was added in 1966 a poetry and music recital (Miting poezii i muziki mladikh) and two years later an art exhibition and dance festival (Stretnutse/Estrada bratstva). Since 1968 the Chervena Ruzha Festival has been sponsored by the Cultural Center/Dom kulturi in Ruski Kerestur and it includes performing ensembles from abroad.

The festival, usually held in two separate parts, lasts up to five days and attracts between 1,500 and 2,000 spectators. In recent years it has been divided into eight sections, including exhibitions (historical and ethnographic artifacts); poetry and music contests (“Struni shertsa”); scholarly lectures on Vojvodinian Rusyn history and culture; a review of children’s music and dance ensembles (“Chervene pupche”); concerts of newly composed music (“Chervena ruzha”); a review of local Rusyn and Ukrainian folk ensembles (“Odhuki rovnini”); a concert of the best Rusyn and Ukrainian folk ensembles from Yugoslavia and abroad (“Shvetochni kontsert”); and a program of pop, rock, and other vocal and musical ensembles (“Keresturiiada”).

Bibliography: Diura Latiak, ed., Ruzhi cherveni ruzhi, 1962-1971 (Ruski Kerestur, 1971); Diura Latiak et al., 30 “Cherveni ruzhi” (Novi Sad, 1991).

Entry courtesy of Encyclopedia of Rusyn History and Culture.

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