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Kychera Song and Dance Ensemble/Ansambl’ Pisni i Tantsiu “Kychera”

Kychera Song and Dance Ensemble/Ansambl’ Pisni i Tantsiu “Kychera” — Lemko folk ensemble in Poland. Kychera was founded in 1990 by Iurii Staryns’kyi/Jerzy Starzynski (b. 1967), who continues as the ensemble’s artistic director and driving force. The ensemble is based in Legnica, where it shares with the *Lemko Society/Stovaryshynia Lemkiv a large building used for administration and training. Kychera’s members are young Lemkos from Lower Silesia (southwestern Poland), whose families were forcibly resettled there from their Carpathian homeland during the *Vistula Operation (1947). The ensemble includes about 60 performers divided into three groups: singers, dancers, and musicians. Its repertoire features several traditional Lemko dances and ritual customs. Kychera has performed throughout Poland and has toured Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Slovakia, and Ukraine. The ensemble has been awarded several prestigious awards, including one from the Minister of Culture of Ukraine and the Oskar *Kolberg Prize, Poland’s single most valuable award for folk ensembles. Kychera’s popularity has grown as a result of recordings made for Polish state television and radio.

Bogdan Horbal

Entry courtesy of Encyclopedia of Rusyn History and Culture.

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