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Machoshko, Mariia/Macoskova, Marka

Machoshko, Mariia/Macoskova, Marka (b. March 30, 1940, Potocky, Slovakia) — Rusyn singer and cultural activist in Slovakia. After completing junior high school (mestianka) in Stropkov Machoshko joined the professional Dukla Ukrainian Folk Ensemble—*PULS in Presov, where for over four decades (1956-1998) she performed in the choir and as a lead soloist. Beginning in 1964 she also performed with the Brno State Radio Folk Orchestra and later with the Janosko Cimbalom Orchestra in Prague. Machoshko has more than anyone else been responsible for popularizing Rusyn folk music, not only in the Presov Region but throughout all of former Czechoslovakia during most of the second half of the twentieth century. Beginning in the 1960s, she toured virtually every year with either the Dukla Ensemble/PULS or the Brno Radio Orchestra to several European countries and to North America. She also completed a solo tour of the United States, performing in 1969 at the first folk festival at *Lemko Park in Monroe, New York. Machoshko’s voice is heard in several records and cassettes, and in 1985 she was the title Artist of Merit by the Czechoslovak state.

Bibliography: Helena Pastorakova, Marka Macoskova spomina (Presov, 1996).

Paul Robert Magocsi

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