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Trokhanovskii, Iaroslav

Trokhanovskii, Iaroslav/Trochanowski, Jaroslaw (b. February 19, 1940, Binczarowa [Generalgouvernement Polen, Germany] Poland) — pedagogue, musical director, and composer among the Lemkos in Poland. In 1947 Trokhanovskii was deported with his family to western Poland (Silesia). There he graduated from the School of Music in Legnica (1955-1960) and then taught violin at the Zarembski School of Music (1960-1965). He also established a Lemko choral ensemble in the nearby village of Lisiec (1965). In 1968 he returned to the *Lemko Region and settled in Bielanka, where he set up or provided artistic direction for choral and musical ensembles among the few Lemkos living in neighboring villages, including the *Zyndranova Amateur Artistic Ensemble. These local ensembles were to form the basis for the *Lemkovyna Song and Dance Ensemble which he founded in 1969. After signing a petition addressed to the government of Poland that called for an improvement in rights for the country’s national minorities (1973), Trokhanovskii was removed as director of the Lemkovyna Ensemble and went back to western Poland. He eventually returned to the Lemko Region (1977) and that same year revived the Lemkovyna Ensemble, which he has directed ever since. He has compiled over 300 Lemko folksongs and has written the melody for the popular patriotic hymn, “Na Lemkovyni” (In the Lemko Region), based on a poem by Ivan *Rusenko. Trokhanovskii has tried to remain neutral in the post-1989 struggle between pro-Rusyn and pro-Ukrainian organizations for the allegiance of the Lemko people.

Bibliography: Andryi Kopcha, “Vrodzhenyi z hushliamy,” in Lemkivskii kalendar 2000 (Krynica and Legnica, 2000), pp. 126-135.

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