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Petition of the Rusyns, 1849

Petition of the Rusyns, 1849 — the first political program formulated on behalf of the Carpatho-Rusyn people as a corporate entity. The petition was submitted to Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria (r. 1848-1916) on October 19, 1849, by a Rusyn delegation that included Adol’f *Dobrians’kyi, his brother Viktor Dobrians’kyi (1816-1860), Iosyf Sholtes (1813-1869), Aleksander Ianyts’kyi, Vikentii Aleksovych, and Mykhail Vysianyk. It included 12 points designed as a supplement to the government’s constitution for the Habsburg Empire, issued on March 4, 1849. Among the more important demands were the formal recognition of the Rusyn nationality and of a Rusyn territorial entity in the Hungarian Kingdom; the introduction of the Rusyn language in schools and the local government administration; the appointment of Rusyn government officials; support for the publication of Rusyn newspapers; the implementation of legal protection for Rusyns living as a minority in other parts of the Hungarian Kingdom; and stipends for Rusyns from Hungary to study at the University of L’viv in neighboring Galicia. Some of the petition’s demands were implemented during the establishment of the short-lived Uzhhorod (*Rusyn) District (1849-1850).

Bibliography: Mykola Rusynko, “Vyslanstva rusyniv uhors’kykh u Vidni 1849 r.,” Naukovyi zbirnyk Muzeiu ukrains’koi kul’tury v Svydnyku, VI, 1 (Bratislava and Presov, 1972), pp. 63-95.

Ivan Pop

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