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Turianytsia, Ivan M.

Turianytsia, Ivan M. (b. January 16, 1943, Mykulivtsi [Karpatalja, Hungary], Ukraine) — biochemist, professor, and civic and political activist of Rusyn national orientation in Subcarpathian Rus’. After completing high school (serednia shkola) in Mukachevo (1959) Turianytsia studied at the Cherkassy Pedagogical Institute (1959-1964) and then taught biology and chemistry in various schools throughout *Subcarpathian Rus’ (1964-1968). He completed his graduate studies at Uzhhorod State University (kandidat nauk, 1971) and at the University of International Friendship Among Peoples in Moscow (Ph.D., 1988). He taught biochemistry for over three decades—often lecturing in Rusyn—at Uzhhorod State University’s Medical School, where he held the rank of senior research fellow (1968), associate professor (docent, 1988), and full professor (1990-2000). He has published several scholarly studies in biochemistry and holds a number of pharmaceutical patents.

In the post-Soviet period Turianytsia has been an outspoken proponent of *autonomy for Subcarpathian Rus’/Transcarpathia within Ukraine and for the official recognition of Rusyns as a distinct nationality. He has made his views on these issues known to the public during several visits to European countries and the United States and within Ukraine as deputy (1994-1998) to the Transcarpathian regional parliament, chairman (1992- ) of the *Society of Carpatho-Rusyns/Tovarystvo karpatskykh rusynov, member (1993-2001) of the Executive Council/Svitova rada of the *World Council of Rusyns, and prime minister (1993- ) of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Subcarpathian Rus’. Turianytsia has consistently called for the codification of the Rusyn language in Subcarpathian Rus’ and is the author of a collection of Rusyn poetry (Rudne zemle pudkarpats’ka, 1999).

Paul Robert Magocsi

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