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Recently Published: The Linden and the Oak by Mark Wansa

The World Academy of Rusyn Culture is delighted to announce the publication of Mark Wansa's epic historical novel The Linden and the Oak.

From a mountain village in a remote corner of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to the bloody battles of the Eastern Front. From the desolation of a Russian POW camp to Ellis Island and the hope of a fresh beginning. In Mark Wansa's epic, continent-spanning novel, The Linden and the Oak ($24.95), the fortunes of two families are swept into the great tidal currents of the burgeoning 20th century: World War I, the Communist revolution, and the emigrant flight from Old Europe to New America. Rich and vivid in its characters and period detail, The Linden and the Oak combines the haunting and moving story of a forbidden love affair with a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

The son of an immigrant, Mr. Wansa has devoted nine years of research, travel, and writing to his debut novel, a book that authentically details the customs, traditions, and day-to-day existence of the Carpatho-Rusyn people in the decade between 1913 and 1922.

The Linden and the Oak is also the first book to be published by the World Academy of Rusyn Culture, with the support of Steven Chepa, a Toronto-based businessman, philanthropist, and Chairman of the World Academy.

Praise for Mark Wansa's The Linden and the Oak -

"Wansa is a great story-teller. I was particularly impressed by his ability to convey the psychology of village life. Purely and simply an outstanding piece of literature."

- Professor Paul Robert Magocsi, Chair of Ukrainian Studies, University of Toronto

"Authentic, lyrical, and historically accurate . . . Rich in imagery and steeped in the traditions of folklore . . . An epic story of love, hope, and fate . . . A remarkable achievement."

- Elaine Rusinko, Associate Professor of Russian, University of Maryland

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The best introduction to Rusyn history and culture

Paul Robert Magocsi. The People From Nowhere: An Illustrated History of Carpatho-Rusyns. Uzhhorod: V. Padiak Publishers, 2006, 120 pages. Maps. Illustrations. $24.50.

This book by the well-known scholar and founder of Carpatho-Rusyn Studies, Professor Paul Robert Magocsi of the University of Toronto, is a short popular survey of the history and culture of Rusyns worldwide. The title was inspired by the now proverbial phrase, "I am from nowhere," coined by the famous American artist of Carpatho-Rusyn background Andy Warhol. Printed on glossy paper, with 6 maps and 184 historic and contemporary illustrations in color and black-and-white (many of which are reproduced here for the first time) present an excellent introduction to the people who do come from somewhere very real-Carpathian Rus'. The reader can easily discover that this mysterious land has its own rich centuries-long history and distinct culture.

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