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Bachyns'kyi, Andrii

Bachyns’kyi, Andrii/Bacsinszky, Andras (b. November 14, 1732, Benatina [Hungarian Kingdom], Slovakia; d. December 19, 1809, Uzhhorod [Hungarian Kingdom], Ukraine) — church hierarch and educator. Bachyns’kyi completed the gymnasium in Uzhhorod. He then studied philosophy and theology at the *Trnava Albertine College (DrTh., 1758) during the period of enlightened absolutism, which provided him with an encyclopedic range of secular knowledge and interests. Ordained a Greek Catholic priest in 1756, Bachyns’kyi served in parishes in Hajdudorog and Mukachevo until, in 1773, he was appointed bishop of the *Greek Catholic Eparchy of Mukachevo. His episcopal reign lasted nearly four decades; during that time he distinguished himself as a strong supporter of education and organizer of a school system throughout the eparchy. Under his direction the seat of the eparchy was transferred (1780) from Mukachevo to Uzhhorod, where he set up what in those days was a major library. He also established a Theological Seminary (1778) and supported a secular elementary school and a gymnasium, all in Uzhhorod, and he encouraged the creation of a central Greek Catholic seminary in Vienna, the *Barbareum, where seminarians from *Subcarpathian Rus’, the *Presov Region, and Galicia could continue their studies at an advanced level. Bachyns’kyi had Rusyn taught at the seminary and made it the administrative language of the eparchy; he published the Bible in Church Slavonic; and he encouraged the histories of Subcarpathia being written by Ioann *Pastelii and Ioanykii *Bazylovych. Concerned with the social conditions of his flock, Bachyns’kyi usually took the side of the peasant villagers in their disputes with landlords. His numerous decrees and episcopal letters have become unique examples of Carpatho-Rusyn literature.

Bibliography: Aleksander Baran, Iepyskop Andrei Bachyns’kyi i tserkovne vidrodzhennia na Zakarpatti (Yorkton, Saskatchewan, 1963); Andrei Shlepets’kyi, “Mukachivs’kyi iepyskop Andrii Fedorovych Bachyns’kyi ta ioho poslannia,” Naukovyi zbirnyk Muzeiu ukrains’koi kul’tury u Svydnyku, III (Presov and Bratislava, 1967), pp. 223-241.

Ivan Pop

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