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Krainiak, Frantishek/Krajnak, Frantisek

Krainiak, Frantishek/Krajnak, Frantisek (b. January 4, 1956, Presov-Solivar [Czechoslovakia], Slovakia) — priest, translator, and cultural activist of Rusyn national orientation in the Presov Region. After graduating from the gymnasium in Presov Krainiak completed his theological formation at the Roman Catholic Cyril and Methodius Theological Faculty in Bratislava (1976-1981); he subsequently earned the degree of Th. Lic. in moral theology from the Catholic University of Lublin in Poland (1999). Krainiak was ordained a Greek Catholic priest in 1981, served briefly in the parish of Rokytov pri Humennom, and since 1985 has served in the largely Rusyn-inhabited town of Medzilaborce. Convinced of the need to preserve the *Church Slavonic liturgy and to make the weekly scriptures and sermons more accessible to the faithful, Krainiak formed in 1983 a group of priests and laypersons whose goal was to translate religious texts into Rusyn vernacular. Under his direction a small catechism (Malyi grekokatolyts’kyi katekhizm pro rusyns’ky dity, 1992) and a book of readings from the Gospels and Apostles for the church year (Ievanheliia na nedili i sviata tsiloho roku, 1999) have been published in Rusyn. Krainiak has been particularly successful in promoting Rusyn-language catechism classes and is an activist in the movement to have a Greek Catholic bishop appointed specifically for Rusyns in Slovakia. Krainiak’s efforts on behalf of the Rusyn language and religious culture have not always been greeted with favor by Slovak prelates in the *Greek Catholic Eparchy of Presov.

Paul Robert Magocsi

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