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Sydor, Dymytrii

Sydor, Dymytrii (pseudonym: D. Vozdvizhenskii) (b. March 29, 1955, Letsovytsia [Soviet Union], Ukraine) — priest, editor, and civic activist of Rusyn national orientation in Subcarpathian Rus’. After studying computer technology at Uzhhorod State University (1971-1974) Sydor completed the Theological Seminary at Zagorsk, Russia (1976-1980). He was ordained an Orthodox priest (1980) and since 1991 has headed a large parish in Uzhhorod, for which he has organized the construction of a monumental cathedral church. At the cathedral he has organized a choir (1992) and established the Cyril and Methodius Society/Tovarystvo im. Kyryla i Mefodiia, of which he is chairman (1993- ).

Sydor strongly supports the view that Rusyns form a distinct nationality deserving of cultural and political *autonomy. He has expounded this position as a deputy elected to the Perechyn district council (1986-1990); as organizer of several scholarly conferences and the Fifth *World Congress of Rusyns in Uzhhorod (1999); and as founding editor of the bi-monthly newspaper, *Khrystyians’ka rodyna (1996- ). Sydor is sympathetic to the traditional pan-Slavic view that the secular culture and spiritual heritage of Rusyns can best be promoted by cooperation with other Slavic peoples, in particular those of Orthodox faith.

Paul Robert Magocsi

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