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Diadia Rusyn National Theater/Ruski narodni teatr “Diadia”

Diadia Rusyn National Theater/Ruski narodni teatr “Diadia” — semi-professional theater company among the Vojvodinian Rusyns of Yugoslavia. The theater began in 1969 within the framework of the first annual Festival of Drama, named after the early twentieth-century promoter of Vojvodinian Rusyn theater, Petro *Riznich-Diadia (Dramski memoriial Petra Riznicha Diadi). By the time of the second festival in 1970 the Diadia Rusyn Amateur (later renamed National) Theater was formally established, with stages in Ruski Kerestur and Novi Sad. During its first quarter of a century (1969-1995) the theater performed works by local Vojvodinian Rusyn playwrights and classic works from the world repertory under the direction of Diura *Papharhai, Iovgen Medieshi, and Dragen *Koliesar, among others. All plays are performed in the Vojvodinian variant of the Rusyn language. Of the 460 actors who performed between 1969 and 1995 those who appeared most frequently include: Mikola Skuban, Vitomir Bodianets, Ana Rats, Iuliian Striber, Ianko G. Rats, Mikhailo Varga, and Mikhailo Zazuliak.

Bibliography: Diura Latiak, Dvatsets peits roki ART—RNT “Diadia” (Novi Sad, 1995); Mikhailo Bodianets, ed., Tritsets Dramski memoriali Petra Riznicha Diadi (1969-1998)—khronologiia (Ruski Kerestur, 1998).

Paul Robert Magocsi

Entry courtesy of Encyclopedia of Rusyn History and Culture.

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