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Brovdi, Ivan

Brovdi, Ivan (b. June 2, 1939, Onok [Karpatalja, Hungary], Ukraine) — sculptor of Rusyn national orientation in Subcarpathian Rus’. After completing secondary school in Velyki Kom”iaty (1952-1955) Brovdi studied at the School of Applied Arts in Uzhhorod (1956-1961). Since then he has created numerous free-standing works and reliefs in bronze and wood for public squares and buildings throughout *Subcarpathian Rus’. Many of these are based on themes related to Rusyn history and culture, including the allegorical Syn i vyr (1978) at the Synevyr lake high in the Verkhovyna; Zodchyi (The Creative Builder, 1980) for the outdoor Transcarpathian Ethnographic Museum in Uzhhorod; a series of four panels, entitled the History of Mukachevo (1986), in the courtyard of that city’s school of art; a wood relief portrait of Avhustyn *Voloshyn (1998); and a monumental bronze composition of the missionaries to the Slavs, *Cyril and Methodius (1999), which dominates the main square in Mukachevo. Brovdi was awarded the Erdeli and Bokshai Prize for Artistic Achievement (1998) and named an Artist of Merit in Ukraine (1999).

Paul Robert Magocsi

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