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Nowosielski, Jerzy/Novosil’skii, Iurii

Nowosielski, Jerzy/Novosil’skii, Iurii (b. January 1, 1923, Cracow, Poland) — world-renowned painter, pedagogue, and art historian in Poland of Lemko ancestry. Nowosielski was trained in Cracow, first, during the Nazi German occupation, at the Kunstgewerbeschule (1940-1942) and later at the Academy of Fine Arts (1945-1947). He has taught at the Advanced School of Applied Art in Cracow (1947-1949) and in Lodz (1957-1962), and at the Academy of Fine Art in Cracow (1962-1993). Nowosielski argues that the major inspiration for his creativity—considered by critics to constitute an original school of artistic creation—comes from his contacts with the *Lemko Region, where Eastern (Byzantine Greek) and Western (Latin) Christianity meet. As a devout Orthodox believer and accomplished author on Eastern Christianity (Innosc Prawoslawia, 1985) and its art (Wokol ikony, 1990), Nowosielski considers painting to be a sacred act. His works have been exhibited worldwide, and he is also known for numerous iconostases and religious paintings done for both Byzantine- and Roman-rite churches in Poland and western Europe.

Bibliography: Olena Duts’-Faifer, “O. Iuriiu Novosil’skym—v 70-tu richnytsiu narodyn,” in Lemkivskii kalendar 1993 (Legnica and Krynica, 1993), pp. 77-84.

Bogdan Horbal

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